Mini Renovation of Our Powder Room - Christine Holtzman

Before I get to the amazing mini renovation of our powder room, I first want to tell you about the weeks, yes weeks from hell that we had....

These last few weeks have been some of the worst weeks of my life.  So many things that could go wrong -went wrong. And in the midst of it all, we were in the middle of several home improvement projects that also took a turn for the worst (Not talking about the mini reno of the bathroom, that is amazing as you will see!).

After we got our crown moulding installed, the painter with the crown company turned out to be less than stellar. He was very unprofessional, showing up the first day over 2 1/2 hours late without the paint he needed which resulted in not one but two trips to Lowes because they initially gave him the wrong color.  My house was tore up for weeks waiting on this guy to get his act straight. He strung us along for a couple of weeks with excuses and lies.  And after he was a no-show, no call one Sunday after he promised he would be over to finish- he was fired.  So my husband and myself painted the rest downstairs. Not an easy task. We still have to find someone to finish the rest of the painting upstairs.

Another project we had going on, was adding storage space in the garage. We do not have an attic and we needed to make more room in the garage so the metal rack system that is professionally installed from the ceiling was a no-brainer. Everything was looking good until the installation tech missed the stud and shot a 3 inch screw through an electrical wire which blew a fuse and knocked our a/c out.  Not knowing what happened, my husband tried to flip the breaker and a huge orange flame and smoke came out of the electrical panel. Our house could have burnt down!!  According to the electrician that came to fix it, the technician could have lost his life too when he hit the wire.  Luckily, the penetrated wire was surrounded by non flammable foam in the ceiling so it had nothing to burn. We are still counting our lucky stars that no one was killed and we did not lose our home. The company's insurance company is paying for all repairs, they have been very responsive. 

Now on to the bright point of my week...My birthday is coming up, and my husband knows that ever since we moved into our home 1 1/2 years ago, I have been wanting to jazz up our very small powder room.

Our very small powder room

I wanted to add some dimension and texture into a very small, and bland space.  I thought a bold blue wall and white double beaded panels with a chair rail would give that space exactly what I wanted. I also have been wanting to replace the very small builder's baseboards throughout my home, with something more sophisticated, like 5 1/4 elegant baseboards so we opted to have that included with this bathroom project.

I picked out a nice bold but not such an in-your-face color of blue from Valspar paint. It is called "Pulitzer Blue".  I did all of the painting myself. And I did a pretty good job for being a novice!

Getting ready to paint

Before picture of powder room

Finding someone professional and willing to do the rest was not an easy task. Our crown moulding installer initially was going to take on the project, but suddenly became missing in action. Calling numerous other handy men and carpenters either resulted in no returned calls or refusals to do this work. So as a last ditch effort, I asked for recommendations in one of the local Facebook groups I belong to.  A lovely woman named Lauren answered me and said that her husband Jorge can do this type of work. He promptly came by and gave us a fair estimate and he began our project a couple of days later.

Jorge working on the project

Not only is Jorge a consummate professional, he is fiercely talented with his designs. When I explained the look I was striving for, he also suggested I do a wall in ship lap and showed me examples of his work on his Facebook page, Gray Barn Custom Furniture. I love the ship lap design he showed me and although it was not in the budget at this time, I am seriously considering it in the future. 

Jorge preparing to put the sink back into place

It took Jorge only a few hours to get the bead board, chair rail and baseboards installed.  He came back a couple of days later to caulk and paint and to install the toilet paper holder that he had me pick out. I cannot begin to tell you how extremely happy I am with how this bathroom turned out...Thank you so much Jorge!!! 

The other guys that we had working on our house should take a play out of Jorge's business handbook.  Not only is he talented but he is also a very professional business man, he was always in touch, and always on time. He even cleaned up after he was done. 

If you live in the Tampa Bay area and you want this look or some custom furniture made, then you must give Jorge Solano a call.  Please visit his Facebook page Gray Barn Custom Furniture and shoot him a  message. 

My Gorgeous new bathroom

After Photo of Powder Room Bathroom
After Photo of Bathroom Renovation
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