Mother's Day - Christine Holtzman

To commemorate the upcoming Mother's Day holiday this Sunday, I took the time to be on the other side of the lens.  It was weird...but I did it!

I put my camera on the tripod and using my trusty remote control, I threw together a mini photoshoot with my three year old.  I hardly ever get in pictures with her, so I thought Mother's Day would be the perfect time to get some!

I just wish my oldest was here so she could have joined in on the fun. She is almost 24 years old and lives back up North. She will be here next month so we will have to do another shoot then.

Happy Mother's Day mini photo shoot

These are just my random thoughts on being a mother. 

Mother's Day mini photo shoot, mother and daughter

This is my wild girl. My bandaid connoisseur. My dinosaur loving, Siri Home Pod junkie ("Hey Siri" all day long lol) free spirited child. In many ways, she is just like me...and yeah I'm in trouble..

She has such a strong will. She knows what she wants and she is stubborn.  She also is a sweet kid.  She has hugs for everyone! She doesn't like to see anyone hurt or crying.  She will try to make you feel better with kisses.  

I love seeing the world through her eyes... 

Mother and Daughter mini lifestyle photo shoot
Jumping on the bed, lifestyle session

But being a mom is tough and tiring at times...sometimes my brain is melted by frequent tantrums and shenanigans. Sometimes I am driven to insanity and back. Most days I wonder if I am doing this right. But when I look into this girl's eyes and I see her light, any doubts that I may have are washed away and I know that this is where I was meant to be. She has a little spark that keeps me going...and I still can't believe that I get to be her mom. 

Mother and daughter lifestyle session
Mother and daughter, lifestyle session

I love the laughs. I love the questions she asks. I love that she asks Siri to play London Bridge is Falling Down a million times a day.  I love her dancing. I love her singing Hickory Dickory Dock on top of her lungs. I love seeing distinct traits in her and knowing they came from me. I love her innocence. I love her excitement. I just love being her best friend. 

Mother and daughter mini photo session

I am blessed to have two great kids.  I truly am. Thank you God. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas out there! We do our best to keep our kids happy and safe and it ain't always easy...but we do it for the love of our babies...

Much love and respect, I salute each and everyone of you! 

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